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We have a company tenancy agreement and are in a 2 year

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We have a company tenancy agreement and are in a 2 year fixed agreement. Situations occurred where I had to work from home the landlord kept saying to us that I was running the business from home (I am the Director with my partner) our registered address and place of work for our employees was somewhere else. I worked from home as did my colleague. The landlord basically said he would not have this and asked us to move offices immediately. We did try and look for an office but all where out of our budget, we did however find another house so we kindly asked the Landlord if we could come out of our agreement as clearly he was not happy with us living here and we couldn't find an office. Legally we are not doing anything wrong and the only reason we are moving is because of him not wanting me to work from home (which I am legally entitled to do). Along side this we have been here 6 months and within those 6 months other things have happened. The landlord's agent kept writing to us on behalf of the landlord with requests. Requests to close our gate (they kept asking us to do this etc on a number of occasions) making sure dog toys were not put in their space (they have an office adjoining the property we live in) blamed us for a faulty boiler, told us to keep our dog in the dog room and not allow it to walk around when we are not in the property. (they knew about the dog when we moved in). We then had a situation on top of all this where my partners son came to live with us above the garage with his dog. The landlord did say he wasn't prepared to accept 2 dogs but we had a situation where we couldn't get rid of either dog and his son who is type 1 diabetic had to come and live with us for health reasons. The dogs don't get on so they lived separately, however the landlord still said he wanted one dog gone. I also had issues when working from home where they turned people away that had come to see me away quite rudely as they assumed I was having telephone lines fixed into the property and all it was was delivery of 2 phones. The landlord also called me up on our business line saying that he wanted to bypass the agents and set up a meeting to discuss how we are going to address the issues of working from home and the 2 dogs. I disagreed to this and was very stressed at this time because of it. We have basically had enough, every month there has always been something that the landlord has an issue with, we pay our rent on time and are good tenants. I work from home and I don't see an issue with this. As we haven't found a new office and I really don't want to stay a minute longer in this house as far as I am concerned the landlord has made my 6 months here horrible. We have found another house and said perhaps we can come to a mutual agreement, he has declined and said we need to pay for the property until it is rented again or sold (whichever is quicker) I have said that the only reason we are leaving is because we feel he hasn't allowed us to have reasonable enjoyment and he won't allow me to work from home which is unfair. I have offered to pay 1 month after we leave the property as goodwill but we can't afford to pay past this nor are we really willing to because if the landlord left us alone we would be living here happy Could you advise please as I feel he won't give in, I have tried to address this with our agents and they are on our side to an extent but also state the landlord has every right to charge us for coming out of the agreement, I get that but the reason why we are coming out of the property is because of the landlord being unwilling to leave us be and allow me to work from home. Please help Suzanne

HelloSuzanne my name is ***** ***** I will help you.

What is it you want to achieve please?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I want to be able to come out of the agreement without incurring massive fees because the landlord is unable to rent the property.

Calling now. Alex