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On Friday in a Final Hearing a Family court judge ordered

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On Friday in a Final Hearing a Family court judge ordered that 4 of 6 children all born and raised in the UK, who were removed from their British mother and Greek Cypriot father in February 2015 are to be sent permanently to Cyprus to live. The 2 oldest children are to remain in care in the UK. Of the 4 to be sent to Cyprus, 3 small girls are to be adopted by a childless couple and 1 boy is to live with relatives of the father. The children absolutely do not want a) to be separated from each other and their mum b) to be sent to a foreign country where they know no one and do not speak the language. Mother is of course appealing this care-plan for the children however she fears that the children will be deported and adopted before the appeal is heard, then it will be too late. What should she do to stop the execution of the care-plan?

Hi, thank you for your question. Just a bit more information required to fully assist you:

-Please break down the ages of the children and where they will be placed?

-What were the concerns that led to removal?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Boy 13, boy 12, girl 11, boy 9, girl 8 & girl 7. The 2 older boys will remain in foster-care in UK, the 4 younger children are to go to Cyprus, the boy to a relative of the Cypriot father and the 3 girls are to be adopted by a childless Cypriot couple. The concerns leading to the removal were breakdown of relations between the parents following mother's filing for divorce and father manipulating and pressurising the children to denounce their mother and to lie to social services and police. None of the allegations against the mother were substantiated in fact-finding whereas the father's history of violence and intimidation of the children was. A non-molestation order was imposed on father in February 2015. Mother is sure she has not had a fair trial and the children's Article 8 rights are being breached plus several Articles of the UNCRC. Children if asked would say they do not wish to be split up and for 4 to go to live in a foreign country, they wish to return to their spacious and comfortable home and mother's very successful care, however their voice is not heard because certain parties are out to make financial gain from the arrangements now in place. Mother wants to STOP the execution of this crazy care-plan until the appeal is heard
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Father does not care about his children, his plan is to drive mother mad then seize the family home. Father is a psychopath.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can you tell me how long the phone call can be?

Thank you for confirming - sorry but I cannot take a phone call at the moment.

I would suggest that she continues with the appeal against the decision, as based solely on the information you have provided, and due to their being a good fact finding for mother, I cannot see how removal and separation is in their interests.

The mother would have been entitled to legal aid in the care proceedings and if she has good prospects of appealing after receiving a barrister's advice, then she would be entitled to legal aid to pursue the appeal. I would highly recommend she speaks with her family law solicitors and proceed with the appeal as soon as possible.

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