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My Insurance solicitor is helping me to sue a builder and

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My Insurance solicitor is helping me to sue a builder for incompetence and professional negligence that the roof of my barn that his company Southern Timber had defects. The court hearing date has been postponed by the judge. Fresh evidences have come to light as I have been able to retrieve the documents of evidences, thanks to computer engineer being able to retired the documents from a crashed computer. My question is in my court application to include this supplementary evidences, can I make comments on WHY I think that these documents are relevant to this case?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
In another way of putting it, can I cite the reasons why the supplementary evidence is necessary? Will I be able to make an affidavit to support the application for the admission of supplementary evidence so I can state that it is crucial to proving the basic elements of the case ? The case is about whether the builder that I am suing is the correct defendant to sue. The defendant claims that his company does not build barns and that my contract with Paul Vallance had nothing to do with him and his company as his company does not build barns and neither has he instructed Paul Vallance to build the barn for me (despite email from him stating the contrary when he collected the final payment for the job as Director of Southern Timber Company.For example, my supplementary evidences are emails which the defendant had written to me showing 1. He and his company Southern Timber not only supply timber but actually build barns (which he had continuously denied in his previous statements including Witness statement) 2. He and his company Southern Timber does employ Paul Vallance to build barns (which he also had consistently also denied in his previous statements including his Witness statement). I was unable to supply the evidences earlier within the appointed court timing, because my computer crashed and I was only able to retrieve it thanks to a professional computer technician.

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Was there a date given by the Judge saying when witness statements should be filed and served by?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
the judge did give a date when witness statements should be filed and served by and this date is passed. This is why I said that my supplementary evidences were delayed because my windows operating system had crashed and I thought lost all my emails in outlook. Fortunately, the Microsoft engineer and a computer technician who came to my house retrieved it for me recently.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
unfortunately I can only chat until 9.30am as I am going to be at work soon

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