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I have unfortunately had a breakup with a partner whom I

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I have unfortunately had a breakup with a partner whom I dearly loved. Been together for 3 years and honestly, everything was very nice with the odd petty argument. We were due to marry eventually but did get engaged.
To cut the long story short, I am very upset and depressed. She cheated in the end and I found out but she was being careless in covering up her footsteps towards the end. On that day I had to move out (day of our anniversary and her birthday) as I was pretty much forced to for reasons I don't even understand why.
I left and only ever sent her a few emails of either frustration/anger (no profanity or abusive worded emails, just disappointment) and also equally "loving" emails where I calm down and tell her how much she means to be, why she does and after all this time it makes no sense, especially since I had just recently loaned her some money due to financial issues and also took her away abroad 2 months ago to a place she wanted to go. All seemed fine.
Exactly 1 month today, I get an email from the police (and phone call) essentially saying that she does not want any contact at all and failure to follow the instructions will proceed in a formal procedure being carried out should she make another complaint.
I don't understand. We have not communicated except when I had sent her maybe 3 or 4 emails 2 weeks ago. Have not called or texted.
Would it not have been better if she just sent a simple email or text to say "I don't want to hear from you"? She does not but instead calls the police after 2 weeks?
Adding insult to injury. Only we know what we were like and who we were but clearly her colors are showing truly. (And she is supposed to be a professional individual like myself - she is a commercial lawyer)
Question I have is, this leaves her to maybe make false allegations against me (but it's ok that she has cheated (I know there is no law against it)) given the wording of the email from the police.
I do not want anything stemming from this and have not communicated to her in 2 weeks nor do I intend on doing so. I am just concerned something may happen against me for whatever reason and is deemed not fair.
3 years...and the closeness, all ended in this manner makes no sense (seeking a counsellor to deal with the trauma).
And she has her belongings in my storage unit which she is aware about.
What can I do here in this situation? Granted I am not communicating to her, but just seems the whole ordeal makes no sense and for the police to then intervene leaving the door open for her to make false allegations?
I quote the email:
This is an email in relation to us giving you words of advice in relation to your conduct, xxx does NOT want to receive the emails and have any contact with you in any form whatsoever.
If you fail to comply with this email you may be subject to a formal police procedure taken against you should xxx make another complaint.
What "conduct"? If anything, my conduct has been far better than others would be in such a situation!
Thank you for your advice and guidance. Again, I just cannot understand how such a person whom we were very close to each other with, ended on such a note.

Hi, thank you for your question. It is difficult to prevent anyone from making any false allegations and it would therefore be best to cut all contact from her, except through solicitors if you were to wish to pursue her to repay any money you have loaned her.

If she were to continue with any harassment claim to the police they have a duty to investigate these and she will need to provide evidence and the police will need to carry out a proper investigation before proceeding with anything.

I hope this assists you. If you found this information helpful please provide a positive rating using the stars at the top of this page. I will not be credited for answering your question without a positive rating. Thank you

Hi, this question remains open. If you found my information provided helpful please could you rate my response positively using the stars at the top of this page as I will not be credited for my response without a positive rating.

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