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I have a question regarding leaving a private rented

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Hello. I have a question regarding leaving a private rented property please. I respect that the inventory has to match at the beginning of a tenancy and also at the end. Our problem is with a carpet, which matched perfectly, and had already been bought and paid for before the end of tenancy. It was cut and in the shop ready to be laid and we have a receipt to prove this. The landlords subsequently went and laid their own carpet after we vacated and are now charging us for this. The damage was due to a child's toy which had leaked. We have also recently acquired a copy of their receipt, after months of negotiations, for the carpet and have noticed that we have been charged for another carpet as well. This carpet had no damage and was never documented in the end of tenancy photos, clearly because it didn't need replacing. They are not mentioning the second carpet in any replies to me, so I think they are trying to avoid the issue. Regarding the first carpet, they are saying they have a legal right to exercise their right to choose whether to accept my carpet or choose their own. Both are the same carpets. They are about to take me to court. Can you please advise me if it is worth me fighting this any further? Do they have a legal right to choose? In the agreement it's stated nothing about choice but does state any damages must be adhered to as per the inventory. Many thanks. Tracey

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.

How much is being claimed and just to be clear, the carpet is not damaged?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Alex.
Thank you for accepting my request for help. Just to clarify, the carpet which I bought to replace the existing carpet which was damaged by a toy, was purchased a month before the landlords bought theirs. We can provide evidence of this as per our receipt and the photocopy of their receipt, which we have finally received from them. They are asking for the sum of £195 for this carpet. Within their invoice, it shows they have charged us £47 for another carpet, which was not damaged, and there are no photos from the end of tenancy inventory to support their claim as there was no damage to record. Initially they tried to deny those charges to us but now they evade them completely. I shall post my contact details in the box below.

Calling now. Alex