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Buachaill, Barrister
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I paid a deposit of 1000.00 pounds holding deposit to an

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I paid a deposit of 1000.00 pounds holding deposit to an auctioneer while they did a reference check they told me that if I did not qualify I would get a refund minus the cost of ref check
Around 150 pounds
Thi went on for several weeks as I am self employed I could not meet there criteria
It was a 2 bed flat so the perso moving in with me went joint on tenancy
He also failed I was never informed by the letting company of this
When I rang today I was told I was not entitled to a refund
I would like your advice on what to do
Regards stephen

1. Dear *****, it is sharp practice on behalf of the auctioneer to seek to keep your £1000. The way to get it back without the expense of legal proceedings is to make a complaint to the Property Ombudsman Scheme. Here is a link to the scheme Essentially, every auctioneer must, since 2015, be a member of such a scheme. So you should make complaint about this auctioneer not refunding you your money and make a complaint about their behaviour generally. Alternatively, you can issue legal proceedings. However, be aware that unless you issue legal proceedings yourself, it is likely that much of your money will end up going in legal fees. This is because issuing legal proceedings is expensive and you don't always get your costs back. Accordingly, I would recommend the use of the Property Ombudsman Scheme instead.

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