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Clare, Solicitor
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I really hope you can help i applied to have my passport

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hi there
i really hope you can help
i applied to have my passport renewed
there was a mistake in the spelling of my name my renewed passport
i called the passport help line which told me to resend the passport application stating clearly what the problem was, which i did
now i got a letter asking me to send something called a registration or naturalisation certificate, i don't even know what that is, i never needed to do that the fist time round, the support-line made no mention of this
i am very frustrated the only reason i'm renewing my passport is because my employer who i have worked for over 10 years needs a more up to date passport/photo id
help please
majahid ali

Thank you for your question

My name is Clare

I shall do my best to help you but I need some further information first.

Do you still use the name given on your Birth Certificate - and where were you born?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
hi there Clare
thank you for responding quickly
i was in a bit of a state last night when i got back from work waiting for my re-re-issued passport
so... i'll go into the long story before i answer your question, hopefully this will help clear things upI've been told by my relatives <i have no connections with these people since the passing away of both my parents>
that my mother went into labour with me at the airport in Bangladesh
then she bought to Britain as a baby
i was heavily asthmatic as a child, so a lot happened in childhood/teens/early twenty and i was not included in the decisions made.
now with that being said, i do still have a cancelled passport of me as a child on it is printed written Majahid Ali <the old black covered passport>
i also have a reddish out of date passport which has recently been cancelled when i 1st applied to renew my passport this passport has my name printed Majahid Ali
so so far 2 out of 2 my name is ***** ***** ali
the reddish passport was made by some i don't know who
the only reason that passport was made was so that i could go on hajj< Islamic pilgrimage>
but i did get the passport in the end, it is 20 years out of date
now fast forward to 2016
my employer ask staff to provide an up to date passport for photo id
as i mentioned my reddish cover passport is out of date, i look a lot more different then when that passport was issued
so i got the passport application form asked one of my employers to act as a counter-signature for the updated photo id
filled in the form sent it off via check & send through the post office
i get a new passport, only my name is misspelled
i was fuming!!! the passport office had my old reddish passport with my name correctly spelled on it, i wrote my name with the correct spelling on it on the application form, they have my email address on it, they have my employers name & contact details if in doubt contact me or my employer!!!
the application form clearly states if you want to change your name you need to send some documents
the fact i didn't send any such documents, didn't occur to the person processing my application form 'hay wait a minute documents missing better make contact'
when i claimed down i sent email to the passport people letting them know that there was an error on the passport
i'm not good with phones, but it was taking a while so i called the passport help line
i was told:
1. re-fill in application form
2. send to new photos
3. send back the new passport with error on it
4. write a cover letter explaining what the problem wasi went one step further, i decided to type out all my answers on the application form so that if hand writing was an issue they could refer to the letter
then i noticed on the application form there's no correct passport error options on it...
so on my typed letter i write i ticked option change name, but what i really want is my 'old' correct name back!!!
last night when i got back form work i got a letter form some signed by a T.king from the passport office saying i need to send a:
1. registration
2. naturalisation certificatei don't know what that is, you only need to do that if you want to change your name!!!
i don't want to change my name!!! i want my 'old' correct name back please
i am stressed out of my skull
so i thought last night, i did everything i needed to
i need a lawyer, some that's not connect to me to act on my behalf explain that all i wanted was to renew a passport the only real change they need to concern themselves with was my photo id, now since the passport was issued error and all looks like i've my part
all i see now is just going round & round in circles
it was at this point late last night i realise i could send another e-mail explaining whats happened
but i found this website first so...
i hope you can help...
now just in case, to answer your questions
question 1: do i use the name on your birth certificate?
answer: i don't know where my birth certificate is, if i still have a copy of it in the house, when my mother passed away there lots & lots other things happened not related to this current issue so, what i would say YES, i've used the spelling Majahid Ali since as far back as i can remember, the 2 old passports i mentioned, my bank details, on voting card all use the spelling Majahid Ali
question 2: where were you born?
answer: Bangladesh, but as i mentioned i've been in Britain since i was a baby, i have no connection with Bangladesh what so eversorry about the rant, but i hope it helps clearing things up and hope you can help
thank youMajahid Ali

What a nightmare for your

Can I confirm your are British - but were you British from Birth?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
hi Clare
again thank you for responding quicklywell form what little i know about my childhood years
i think it goes like this
my parents bought me to the Britain as a baby so i was a British citizen through there passport
like i mentioned in my long rant, i do have a British passport the old black cover passport, in this one i'm a child
so as far as i know i'ed have yes i am British from birth, i don't know any other life outside of Britain
as i said i've only left Britain once in my whole life <hajj/Islamic pilgrimage>
i guess what i really want to know is what do i do now
i found the e-mail through which i contracted them when i had that passport with the error
should i e-mail them again
should call them, even though i'm no good on phones
i've looked on-line but that's a nightmare, its always 'if you<the applicant have made a mistake>
but trying to get a straight answer what to do if the passport office makes a mistake there's no clear guidance just a lot of legal talk...
what's is in fact straight froward just turned into a nightmare, now after 30 years growing up in Britain do i have to prove i'm British, surely they have a much greater access to information then i do
i live a quite life so, it would easy to trace my movements & wear abouts
i don't have the papers they're asking for
i guess i'm asking is what do i do now?

Do not worry - this can be resolved

have you checked to see if your birth is registered in Bangladesh?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
hi there againit's going to be a long e-mail again
to answer your question?sorry but i have no contacts or connections with Bangladesh, or the Bengali community in Britain, i'm a bit of a hermit
i don't even speak the language
i was born there as i was told by my mother & relatives, buts that is it
to my knowledge all my details are in Britain
now that i'm a bit more claimer i was thinking
i've found the e-mail address of passport office again
i now know why there are asking for the one of the documents
they think i'm trying to change NAME so there are asking for prove of what my name WAS <actually is>
see if when i was told to re-apply to correct my passport, there's actually no options for 'returning for correction' there would be problems, regrettable there isn't such an option
so when i filled in reapplied i tick a box that says 'changing name BUT in my cover letter i made it clear that what i really wanted was my correct name printed in my new passport, so
i've also found the e-mail response which actually say send old passport or some other document as prove of id
but the person in the advice line said there's no need for that just a cover letter explaining what had happened
so i was think i could e-mail them again explaining to them the mess
do you think i should try this


I think that will indeed work.

What you are currently being asked for is evidence of your name as if this was your first application - and in fact as you so rightly point out you are in fact asking them to put right a mistake that THEY have made

Email them again - do not tell them that you do not have the documents they ask for - just point out that what you are asking them to do is put right a mistake that they have made and they have your original passport as proof.

Once that is sorted however it would make sense to try and trace your birth certificate!

Please ask if you need further details

Clare and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i sent the e-mail to the passport office
all i can do now is wait & see
thanks for your help, it really came in handy

You are welcome and I hope all goes well