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Our Performing Arts Academy were on a Carnival float

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Our Performing Arts Academy were on a Carnival float yesterday, a parent wanted to get off once the carnival had finished. She asked for help and 3 of us were on hand to help her get off. I personally gave her my hand and told her to use me to hold on to as she came off. one other person was beside me and another still on the float helping from behind. Before we could say 'ready' for us all to help, she jumped off. Her costume caught the edge of the float as she jumped down from sitting on the edge of the float. She is now claiming that no-one helped her get off the float and mentioning insurance. My business partner had the insurance cover for the float and is now obviously worried about this (in our eyes) false claim. Could you advise us further please? Many thanks.

What happened?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Basically, we have a very unhappy parent causing us all sorts of issues at the moment. We are worried that she is going to put a false claim in against us for her dismounting a carnival float. The 45ft truck was stationary and everyone apart from 3 people had got off the float safely with no problems. This lady in question decided to make a bit of a fuss, sat down on the edge of the back of the truck and asked for help. There was one person on the float behind her offering assistance, myself who put my body and arm in place for her to hold and lean on and another person stood next to me also ready to help. We are talking 3ft off the floor maximum with her legs dangling down so her feet were only one and a half feet from the floor. Before we could all say to each other 'ready' in order to help her at the same time she decided to slope off the edge of the float and in the process, the disposable decorator overall that she was wearing over her normal everyday clothing ripped. She laughed, never mentioned an injury and walked away perfectly fine. She is now protesting that no one helped her to get off and talking about insurance. We had insurance cover for the day. What do we do if she decides to put in a claim against us?

Was she injured? Is she alleging an injury?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
As far as we are aware she sustained no injury and was able to walk away normally. She is alleging that it was unsafe. We are waiting to hear if she is claiming for injury. We have just had to serve her with a Cease and Desist Letter due to the amount of harassment and slander she has been given to us individually, as a company and to other parents associated with the company as she is kicking up a fuss about numerous things.

Sounds to me that she is a trouble maker. If she hasn't suffered injury then she has no claim. You are correct to send a cease and desist letter.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. You have out our minds at ease.