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I have a debt from a holiday in Lanzarote, it was a medical

Customer Question

I have a debt from a holiday in Lanzarote, it was a medical emergency and if i had not been trasfered to a private hospital, which was the nearest one, i probably would have died. My heart was not beating correctly and my lungs filled up with fluid and in the waiting room, it came to the point that i was unable to breath. They finally took me in but demanded 2000 euros before they would do anything. My partner had to pay the amount immediateley and luckily for me i had the amount in my account. They are demanding more money as i was in there for over 2 days and the insurance company that i took out the insurance with told my partner we shouldn't have paid anything. We were in a desperate state. I have all the details of the event and i will say that i was so drugged up in the end, i couldn't think straight and was relying on my partner to sort things for me, she was so upset and the hospital kept demanding more money, keeping on at her and myself to pay, they knew i was not in a sane mind at the time but i knew my partner kept saying to the no as i had to when they were pressurising me. They want an extra 800 euros of me. This is a small part of what went on, the rest was that they were trying to keep me in untill i paid. lot's more went on and i can discuss this with you if you feel you can help!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

What do you want to know about this? Is the insurance company refusing to reimburse you or to pay the balance? What exactly is the problem here?