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I need to know if the left or right hand side of my

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I need to know if the left or right hand side of my boundary/fence etc is mine. We viewed this house and there was no fence near the house. We moved in and noticed the neighbour had put one up. He has put the struts facing my garden and to be honest it's cheap wood and doesn't look great. I put up a few solar lights had a note through the door saying to take them down, I was just trying to improve the rough appearance. It's common knowledge no one else on the road gets on with them and he acts like he owns the adjoining alleyway between our houses and the boundaries. I've looked at the other fencing that's been up for years. The right hand side has the struts facing my garden, the left hand side is flush which makes me think the right hand side may be mine. I've looked at the deeds and it just shows a red blob for my house. What document do I need to buy to show the property boundaries please.

Hi Joanne

It is very difficult to say who has responsibility for any of the boundary fences.

The only way to establish this is if it states it specifically in the deeds. Either in words or by an inward 'T'. However, the vast majority of deeds I read do not have T marks.

Other than that it is convention, I.e who has been maintaining the boundary fence. This varies, sometimes it's the left and others it's the right. No hard and fast rule I'm afraid. One indication could be the side which has the best side/flush side facing inward is yours. This is because if you were to put a fence up you'd put the best side facing in.

I hope this helps. Do come back to me if you have any further questions / queries.

Kind regards


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have just found an old deed dated 1947 (This Conveyance). There is a capital letter 'T' at the front, the rear and the right hand side of my property. The new fence my neighbour put up on the sly before we moved in has been drilled into the wall on his side, the side with the 'T'. Is he allowed to drill into what I now think is my wall? He put a fence up on top of the original brick wall which is about 3 feet high and put that note through my door asking me to take a couple of solar lights down on my side of the fence. Yes it's his fence, he paid for it but he didn't have permission to put it up and we moved in and it was there!! Can I put lights on the fence if it's my side now? Can he drill into that wall on the other side to put that fence up? I would be grateful for any help please. I will try an attach a photo of this Deed my property is listed as plot 49 on that, although it is actually***** Number 49 is definitely my house. An old lady lives in the triangle shaped piece of land, Carol is number 51, Joy is 50 then it's me. Thank you.

Very helpful. It establishes your boundary. Technically you could ask him to remove the fence he has erected on your wall. He cannot drill into your wall.

With regard to the neighbour's fence, technically you cannot attach anything to it as it is your neighbour's fence. However it should not be on your boundary wall in the first place.

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