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Can I have two passports? I have lived in Britain yrs and

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can I have two passports ? I have lived in Britain for 50 yrs and have a british pass port but Im british subject dob is 4/12/46 I was born in Rep of Ireland and educated there in the county of Limerick . Since Britain has left EU I feel I would be better off with an Irish Passport I would like to know what is the best thing to do ?

1. Dear ***** ***** *****a, you can most certainly hold two passports, one being an Irish passport and one being a British passport. Dual nationality is permitted under both Irish law and UK law. So, it is perfectly lawful to have both an Irish passport and a British passport under the law of each of the two countries. Additionally, be aware that even if you acquire a third nationality, this is still permissible under the law of both countries. So, I would advise you to get a passport from both countries and use each passport as when it is appropriate and convenient. For example, use the Irish passport when travelling in EU countries and use the British passport when travelling in Commonwealth countries. Go to the website of the Irish naturalisation & Immigration Service where you can download the forms for a passport application for the Republic of Ireland and make your application whilst still retaining your British passport.

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