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Two grand sons daughter does not have any contact with

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two grand sons daughter does not have any contact with me for 6 yrs what are my rights to see my grandsons age 16 and 14yrs


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I am a Solicitor and will assist you.

Please may I ask - is it 6 years since you have seen your grandsons? or have they been in touch even though you are not speaking to your daughter?

Kind Regards


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have not seengrandsons or daughter for 6 years even though other siblings have sent birthday cards invites to functions etc which have all being ignored also I knocked on her door but no answer ///May I say my daughter is a g/p and I always helped her to take boys to school etc always ready to help// but when her father died my husband in 2010 she became very difficult she picked arguments with her siblings who were very upset they devised a plan to visit me as I was very upset after my husband died but she was visious did not want want to know about visiting me or asking me to dinner although I always asked them to dinner when daddy was ill/// I called to her one evening as lonely as had not seen them for weeks (she lives 5 mins walk from me ) Immediately she launced into an aurgement I was naturelely annoyed I did not want dinner as had eaten just brought things for boys (as I always did) Her husband asked me to leave ,.I said not till I had my say but he called POLICE police came asked me to leave I said to police I think your wasting your time Police man said "I know I am" I left So you see that was the last I saw Of them as was so horrified as never had talked to a police man before////I could not believe it I was in shock So I hope you can understand why I didn't contact them since/// MY daughter had such a privileged upbringing no expence spared //////She now for six years has not spoken to her siblings ie 3 sisters one brother They are very upset my youngest daughter is getting married this August. She invited her to wedding but replied not coming // It just breaks my heart especially as we have not done anything to her only help ///taking boys to school even when my husband was ill Don't know what I should do or how to approach this situation I feel I cant go to her house or phone as she never answers what should I do >/?


Thank you for response.

I am so sorry to hear about the breakdown of the family relationship with your daughter.

I am also sorry for the advice that I have to give you in respect of your grandchildren. It is possible to make an application to a Family Court to ask for a Child Arrangement Order to spend time with your grandchildren. The problem that you have is that the court will only entertain your application in respect of the 14 year old and not the 16 year old. The court will also give regard to the wishes and feelings of the 14 year old. If he said that he didn't want to see you then your case would be unsuccessful. It would also be a consideration of the court as to your grandsons placement - that being with his mother. The problem that you have here is that even if the 14 year old wanted to spend time with you - this could cause difficulties for him with his mother and the court wouldn't want to destabalise this placement.

I know that the above isn't what you want to hear but I do have to be honest.

An option that you could try is family mediation. This is an independent organisation that will try and help you and your daughter discuss seeing your grandchildren. There are lots of family mediation and there will be one local to you. Just google family mediation in your area and give them a call to get the ball rolling.

Please let me know if I can assist you further

Kind Regards


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