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I entered in to a verbal contract with somebody which my

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hi there
i entered in to a verbal contract with somebody which my side of the bargain was to gain permission to develop a barn on his property which we were going to develop together and then split profits.
the other person has since decided to sell the property instead of developing with me.
i kept my side of the bargain gaining permission in doing this i have spent my own funds on designs planning consultants and various other proffesional services, whilst i dont mind him selling his barn of course i feel he must refund all funds i have spent gaining his consent i havent asked for payment for my time just soley funds spent on his property am i entitled to have all payments i have made on his behalf returned to me?
and if so how do i go about getting these funds back.

1. Dear Stuart, you have a good claim in restitution for payment of all monies you expended upon the planning application, including all consultants and other items you expended money upon. You can draft these proceedings yourself. However, I would suggest you employ a solicitor as this is an action for which you will need to be able to cite legal authorities in your favour. Get the solicitor to issue legal proceedings seeking payment over of the monies you have expended in reliance upon the representation that you were going to jointly develop the property. This claim will include all professional services you expended money upon. Be aware that you will be able to include payment for your time spent on the planning application.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thank you

3. You are welcome.