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Our mother has recently passed away and we will need to sort

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Our mother has recently passed away and we will need to sort out the financial issues left outstanding. We know very little about the processes involved but have one immediate question. There is about £5,000 in her bank account that we would like to use to pay for her funeral. We have power of attorney but would it be legal to use this money for this purpose. Also what is the situation with regards ***** ***** orders concerning things such as council tax, house insurance, utility bills etc?
many thanks

The power of attorney ended on death and so it would not be lawful to use that to withdraw money from her account. However the bank will generally be happy to give you a cheque made payable to the funeral undertaker if you show them the death certificate and the invoice from the undertaker. The bank will thereafter freeze the bank account and all standing orders so the executor or next of kin has to write to all the providers advising of the death and will have to ensure that the insurance remains in place during the period of administration. If the house is owned you should be seeing a solicitor as an application for probate will be required.

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