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I found a decorator on Rated People website.I thought the

Customer Question

I found a decorator on Rated People website.I thought the website showed a pic of the son assuming family business.He claimed to work from durham but the website was when he must have lived in Essex.He turned up and He would be 48 aprox.Name of business SR decorating He saidnhe boughtband applied for the job painting the interior of my small semi detatched house .I boight wallpaper to have as one feature wall in 3 rooms.He wrote out on paper not letter headed paper room by room what was to be done matching my job lot.?I foolishly made the mistake for giving him a deposit of £185 £70 cash and my son transferred £115 after Mr ***** ***** gave his bank acct details His quote was £950 I was to supply wallpaper and he was to supply paint.2 days later 1 and a half walls were wallpapered and one ceiling plastered.He then denied he was going to do any paintwork .He had discussed a milky white for walls and white gloss to***** *****ne he started to play games saying more monies wd be needed .Saying we will sort as we go along .He is a sole trader.I rang my son who spoke with and tried to reason with him.He promised to finish and do work he had written down if paid for what little was done another £300.Again I was stupid.Gave him cash and he left ladders behind and £485 I asked for a letter headed invoice .got in touch with citiens advice and trading standards and rated people who denied having him on their website.Im disappointed in trading standards .It seems hes took my money ran and is a the least I want to name and shame him.I was thjreatened do anything to question his reputation and id be sorry.He kept talking about his problems having difficulty focusing due to so called sexual abuse age 8 .the bank have his details but I cannot access them obviously and trading standards say there is little they can do .they have rang him and he refuses to pay any monies back or come back to do the work.Can you advise me if there is anything I can do
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 1 year ago.

How much have you paid in total?