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I'm portuguese. I came to Uk (London) January 2004 to work

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Good morning !!!!
My name is ***** ***** I'm portuguese. I came to Uk (London) January 2004 to work and that's where I still. I've been employed all over these years (12 Years).
My question is: Because what's going on right now here in England (be out of EU), I would like to know if I need to get a Permanent Resident Permit to stay, where can I get it and fill it if necessary ?
Hope you can help me with the deepest information to be stable in this country .
Thank you very much !!!
Carlos Seabra

1. Dear *****os, here is a link to the application form for a Permanent Residence Card for you You should fill this in and get a Permanent Residence card. Be aware that you must have a Permanent Residence card for a period of one year before you make an application for citizenship. This is because you need to show you were visa free for a one year period before you make an application for citizenship. I would recommend that you get yourself UK citizenship if you wish to continue living in the UK. You are entitled to obtain UK citizenship because you have been living and working continuously for five years in the UK. It is perfectly permissible to hold dual British and Portuguese nationality, so you can retain your Portuguese nationality even if you acquire British nationality and a UK passport.

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