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My former tenant has moved twice since she moved out of my

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My former tenant has moved twice since she moved out of my house owing money. I have now started a claim against her and sent the papers to her last known address, which is my house that she moved out of at the end of January this year. She is adamant that I'm not allowed to know her address because she knows that I am planning on taking her to court. My new tenant is her ex-partner with whom she has a child and therefore there is regular contact, which is why I gave that address (as her -to me- last known residence), thinking that the letter will be passed on. While her ex parter does have a rough idea where she lives he does not know her full current address as any exchanges to do with the child take place either where her new boyfriend lives or in public areas such as supermarkets etc. I have now found out that he has a policy of not forwarding mail out of fear that she will use him as a postal forwarding service. I now need to know where I stand as while I am happy to ask for the judgment to be entered due to no response from the defendant I need to know whether this can be done if the letter is returned to sender or put into the bin. Would I need to ask the court to send it again and ask my tenant to make an exception and hand-deliver the document? Or must I push to find out her address?

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.

Do you know where she works please?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I presume that the £38 for the chat are the £38 that I have already paid as i have not had any reply to my question. The answer to whether I know where she works is not easy as I did know two places where she worked but ironically I found out today that she does not seem to be working there anymore. She suddenly seems to have a lot of money to spend and has not been going to work for the past month. There is evidence that she has worked as a prostitute last year and I'm wondering whether she has gone back to doing it for the quick money. This obviously changes everything as in due course I was going to go for an attachment of earnings and I know that this only works if the person has an employer. My mobile phone number is ***** I will try to have my phone on me throughout the day tomorrow.

Let me consider this and come back to you.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Alex, I accepted the offer of a live chat and your colleague contacted me. As far as I'm concerned i had one single advice, one single answer to my question but just now i realised that I have been charged twice, could someone please explain to my why that is?

Yes. This is because the question is a forum site. Usually questions are asked online.

There is an additional service, which is an extra of a phone call, which you accepted. This is not instead of but an additional service as explained when the offer is made.

I hope that helps. Alex

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I do not understand what I paid for with the first £37.15 as i did not get an answer to my question and i did write that I expected the £38 that I knew I'd be charged to be for the telephone conversation instead. Could you please point out where I was advised that I had to pay for not getting an answer as well. Thank you.