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A friend who has had a story of severe drug abuse and rehab

Customer Question

A friend who has had a long history of severe drug abuse and rehab has not paid council tax for many years, has ignored court summons' and now has to attend a crown court on Fri. He has a mental health worker and diagnosed with paranioa and schizophrenia. What should he do next Fri?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

It’s only possible to get a discount on council tax if someone is physically substantially and permanently disabled, not for mental illness. There is a 25% discount if only one person lives in the house. If Your friend is a student and lives alone or if the house is only occupied by students then council tax is not payable.

He has to attend court otherwise he is liable to be arrested.

He needs to go along to court and pleaded guilty and come to an arrangement to pay the arrears. Depending on how long it is since he has paid council tax, he may have to pay quite a substantial sum plus of course the current council tax payments. The worst scenario is that he could be given a custodial sentence which is a warning not to do this again. If he is given a custodial sentence which would be unlikely for a first offence (although that depends on how many warnings he has ignored and whether he has ignored previous summons,) he is still liable for the debt because it does not get wiped off.

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