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I have been accused of multiple rape each week, saturday and

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i have been accused of multiple rape each week, saturday and sunday for 6 years historically with only verbal evidence from my estranged hostile divorce case daughter. she claims this took place aged 8 to 14 and she never told anyone because i allegedly threatened to shoot her and family with a shotgun. None of this took place. also it should be noted that during a bitter divorce case over 8 years and all possible professionals were involved and interviewed the whole family over many years including this daughter being aged over 20 at the time. I know, although the courts etc didnt recognise it that my ex coaches the children collectively very well in any accustaions made. my son was accused 4 years ago of interefering with a young daughter resident at her house that was investigated but dismissed. I have many children that constsntly would go in and out of my bedroom that was used more like a lounge...where alleged offences took place.....because I used to suffer from M.E. aka chronic fatigue syndromne....indeed when my daughter alleged the rapes started i was severely bed bound and was completely ill....although there were no visitis to the doctor at the time to confirm this....later on a private gp diagnosed me but i cant find the report...i did attend an nhs doctor once about the M.E. but at the time there was no treatment available. I have been arrested, interviewed and services have visited and given minor child protection instructions. computers have been taken away to be analysed but there should be nothing worrying there.please advise how likely this case is to go to trial and if so how likely it is to go to conviction. i repeat none of this happened.

Obviously I will have no way of knowing whether or not you will be convicted.

It probably will go to trial. They are charging everything at the moment and then wondering why the conviction rate is falling.

They have just amended their policy to a more sensible one but the truth is that it is easier for them to charge than not.

Whether it would lead to a conviction basically depends on whether they believe the accuser.

There isn't really any way of pre empting that.

I'm not sure your diagnosis assists hugely here.

Can I clarify anything for you?


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Are you ready ? I tried your number but dead line?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
my phone is not dead and i didnt recieve your written replies due to poor internet...please can you cancel the telephone

Yes, I can do that.

We can carry on online if you prefer?