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I purchased a car from a garage in April, Astra 2011 2.0 Sri

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I purchased a car from a garage in April, Astra 2011 2.0 Sri CDTI (Royal Car Palace , Halifax)
Doing a test drive before purchase everything seemed ok. Within a week I noticed things were wrong so I drove back to the garage and presented them with the issues with the car. Alex, (the so called sales person) told me to get the car repaired and email him the bill and he would pay the garage the charged amount.
Upon agreeing to this I did so. I goth the car repaired and emailed him, the email bounced back, I tried again and the same happened, the contact number for him just kept going to (gifgaf voice mail).
I took a 2nd trip back to the garage with the garage invoice and presented it to (so called Alex) . I asked him why he wasn't answering my calls, he replied he was, in front of him I decided to call him, his phone didn't ring, upon this he said his phone was cut and would be working the next day. upon the email issue, this he couldn't give me an answer. upon being refunded, he said the person he needs to speak to was on holiday and when he gets back he would speak to him and get the re-imbursement sorted, so I waited a couple of weeks, no re-imbursement so I drove back.
In all this I struggled to believe him.
Everything that we spoke about previously, I rehearsed, this time he gave me his number again, 7-8 times I called him, no answer, I mentioned to him that he has broken his promise which he knows he agreed to which he admitted to, he kept saying that when his boss returns from holiday he will get this sorted.
I mentioned to him that if he doesn't get this sorted I will contact the trading standard regarding this issue, his reply was (go on then)
I asked him ''when will I get refunded the £226 for the repairs, he answered very very soon, well to date still no refund.
I have spoken to Citizens Advice, there response was its illegal and I shouldn't have had to pay, they pointed me to the Trading standards and they pointed me back to the Citizens Advise. I was pointed to there web site to download a template letter to write to the garage but that page is down on the site.
I contacted the Yorkshire Trade site, told them about the issue, they tried to call him also and surprise surprise no answer, they have also found details about the car which I wasn't informed about and emailed to me, not happy about it.
Michael Haughton
Please help, what should I do?

Hi thank you for your question and welcome. My name is ***** ***** I will assist you. You could simply commence a money claim online and sue the company for the return of the money.

Is the seller of the car a limited company? Do you have their address? Kind regards Aj

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The address is
Royal Car Palace
Adelaide Street Halifax