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I need to set aside a settlement deed that I signed in 2013.

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I need to set aside a settlement deed that I signed in 2013. Please advise if the point below is grounds for this.
Deny. Mr **** denies that there was any misrepresentation. I will state that the foundation that the Settlement Deed was signed on was false. Mr ****, Mr ***** and Mr B**** had created the role of Mr ***** as a director of PB with his promise of repayment five days before the hearing. I had no prior knowledge of Mr ***** before then. By 2013 Mr **** would have been a director for two years and he never wrote to his creditors to inform them of his new position as sole director of the company. All the defendants knew that it would be impossible for PB to pay back the loan because the asset had been transferred back to another QDP company, and had already been repossessed by Santander Bank due to Mr ***** defaulted loan in some period of time between 2009-2012. I dont know if the man I met on 5th Dec was in fact Mr ***** or how he was really connected to PB. Once he had convinced me that I would be repaid and sign the Settlement Deed his work was done, and by 2nd August 2014, he never contacted me again. A genuine person wouldn't just disappear into thin air. On these grounds I want to set aside the Settlement Deed.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I think the term for this is undue Influence

Can you explain what’s happened here please because we don’t know any background or who the people are?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am trying to set aside a Settlement deed under the grounds of undue influence. I made a mess of my POC, and asked the duty master if I could have an order to ament them but I was told to just let the case progress as gaps in the POC can be filled when answering the defendce.
I am trying to put my point accross to set aside an agreement I signed in 2013. FE you very kindly gave me some pointers on this and I have nearly completed the reply. i just need some help with this part.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I would also like to ask you to quote to help me fill in the N181 form and the CPR.1