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Is it legal to access someone's personal data and personal

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is it legal to access someone's personal data and personal notes then share them with thirds parties without their permission. And the person who's data it was, did not know, this had happened.
From their I pad by secretly watching over a period to secretly obtain the pass code.

Can you explain your situation a little more?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I was in a relationship and my partner secretly whacthed me put in my pass code in my I-pad and at a later date accessed my I -pad without permission
She found personal bits on my I -Pad then she contacted ex partners and friends ŵith this information and investigated my past and present corespondence etc
She and I were going to get married But - I wanted to delay it due to her being pushy for an extra yearDuring our relationship she and I had three properties of which we lived in and renovated to sell on and I as a trades person did most of the work on these properties etcWe are going through some legal stuff so I can get back some compensation of the work I did on these propertiesIn the paper work tabled by her she has admitted to contacting female contacts of mine by means of information se got by accessing my I - pad with out permission and contacting personal friends etcSo now information of mine of personal nature has been sent third parties with out my permission
In my past and present time I did modling work and met many woman and contacts of who have been contacted about me from my ex partnerMy question is did my ex partner have the legal right to access my I-pad with out permission and share my detail with third parties in writing etcSteve Coles

There are computer misuse offences in that.

There is also a risk of harassment and malicious communication.

You could report that. Whether the police will act is another matter but there is certainly complaint in academic law.

Can I clarify anything for you?


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