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Regarding the council tax. Dear Officer I received a council

Customer Question

Regarding the council tax.
Dear Officer
I received a council tax bill couple of days ago and also a letter inform me to go to court on 07/07/2016
I am writing here to give you a detailed explanation and evidences to prove that I should not responsible for the council tax bill in property Flat 339 Neutron Tower,***** E14 9GT.
In August 2014, I signed a tenancy agreement with a agent to rent the property mentioned above on behalf of my girlfriend Miss Jing Xu who was in China by that time. Because this is her first time come to the UK for studying. In order to help her find a accommodation before she comes and also the agent need the original signature on the contract, therefore I signed my name on all papers with the agent, and even I use my name to opened a mobile phone contract and Sky intent account for her as well. I just want to help her to settle in the UK as much as I can to avoid any distraction to prevent her study well in Uinversity of the Arts London. Please see attached the school letter to confirm that she was a student during that period and also confirm she lived in Flat 339 Neutron Tower,***** E14 9GT. And also the current school letter as well to confirm she is a student in Chelsea College of Arts
Please be aware of that I DID NOT LIVE IN Flat 339 Neutron Tower,***** E14 9GT through the period. I have my own property in west London Flat 550 Bromyard house, Bromyard Avenue, London W3 7FG under Earling Council (Please see attached Land Registry for your reference). I bought the property in 2010 and live there since then and paid the council tax every year since 2010 up to date from the direct debt. Please see attached the email confirmation from council tax officer to prove that I have lived in my own property since 2010. and also please see attached my payslips and my own property service charge bills as evidence that I lived in my home Flat 550 Bromyard house, Bromyard Avenue, London W3 7FG.
I am sorry to make thing complicated as I used my name to to rent the property for my girl friend at the beginning. I should not to do that. To avoid any further confusion, I will put her name on all relevant bills from now on.
Please do not hesitate to contact me on***@******.*** or 00447775675608 if you request more documents. You also can post any documents to me: Flat 550 Bromyard house, Bromyard Avenue, London W3 7FG
Best Regards
Xiang Zhang
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

Unfortunately, your name is ***** ***** paperwork regardless of the circumstances and hence, it’s your responsibility. There is no reason however why you should not recover this money from your girlfriend who was the person actually living there. If you had put this in her name, the council would be now pursuing her that if she is not available because he has moved back to China, that would be their problem and not yours. Sorry, I wish I could give you a more favourable answer but that’s the situation.

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