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My mother past away 2 years ago at the time she was living

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My mother past away 2 years ago at the time she was living with me in my home and I cared for her through her illness.
At the time I had two sisters sadly one took her own life a few months ago and one sister is still living.
When my mother past away she had a will that stated everything will be divided three ways this instruction were carried out and the three of us received around £36 K each.
As my mother was living in my home obviously all Her belongings were scattered around my home and in the attic as she had a lot of property.
In line with the will I invited both sisters to come to my home and go through all of my mothers belongings and to take anything that they wanted to be honest it felt like vultures it upset me quite a bit I know a man shouldn't get upset but as I said I nursed my mother for a long time I put my life on hold whilst my two sisters had the luxury of having there life carry on as normal anyway I'm going off the point.
My sisters went through most of my mothers belongings taking anything that they thought might be worth some money such as all her jewellery ect and they definitely had no interest in all silly knick knacks that my mother had collected on holidays and such.
In September I'm due to be married I didn't think I would ever find someone and it took me nearly fifty years life is really good for me now.
Last week my sister told me (not ask me) that she is coming around to go through the attic to see what's left because when I get married if anything happens to me my wife will get everything! I was very put back by how cold she was plus it's silly because I have a will in place that leaves everything to my fiancé anyway but I have put in my will that anything that previously belonged to my parents should go back to my sister my fiancé has also put the same provision in her will.
What I need to know is:
After two years does she have a legal right to go through my home even though she has been trough my mothers belongings and been paid out with cash, can just go through my attic and take what ever she wants that she thinks are worth money?
Philip Newman

Thank you for your question

My name is ***** ***** I shall do my best to help you.

Your sister has no right whatsoever to enter your home unless you invite her in.

When she is in the property she has no right to go through the attic again unless you consent to her doing so.

Simply inform her that so far as you are concerned she took her share of the items when she attended the property with your late sister and that any remaining property is yours to do with as you wish

This is in fact the legal position

Please ask if you need further details

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