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I have faced a similar situation before so I do have a

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I have faced a similar situation before so I do have a baseline of knowledge but I have a supplier who was charging me GBP 500 per month, as agreed, for a programme to deliver a web site and marketing strategy. I have attended all our Skype calls, I have delivered all the components she needed. She delivered something very sub quality so we discussed it and both agreed that I would get some web sit design templates developed and sent to her so she could plug it into the web platform. Again, she did not complete the work in the time promised, and she has not delivered a quality site. In a tactful manner, I suggested I can get the web site built quickly somewhere else. Again she said that was okay. I asked her today, further to an off the cuff comment about the design templates to give me full feedback on the templates and a schematic of the layout. And she is now refusing to do anymore work as she claims I am not committed to her and she must be my one and only supplier. This despite the fact that she welcomed the design templates, and agreed to the build being done elsewhere. She also said last night that she was not motivated to do the work. I have again asked her to deliver the two items and she is refusing to do so, until I agree to be 100% committed to her and her alone. Clearly I will not be working with her, as I feel all of this, and other subsequent confusing and contradictory emails, are a smokescreen for the fact that she is not capable of delivering the work. Therefore the trust and confidence is gone. I wish to exit the arrangment, which sounds like she does too. She made a comment about usually having upfront full payment - again a massive contridiction as she agreed to monthly installments. Given she has given me time and advice so far, I think that, annoying as it is, given her attitude and lack of skills - that I cannot claim back the monies already paid in May and June, however, I want to stop July's payment and end it there. So in total I have paid her £1000.00 and she has not delivered much except a really bad homepage, I think that is enough and I want some legal language to push back on paying anything further to her, and legal pushback on the fact she wants to be the 'one and only supplier'. Surely that can't be legal either. Thanks, SJ
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Alex J. replied 1 year ago.

Hi, Thank you for your question and welcome. My name is ***** ***** I will assist you. Do you have a letter of engagement or supplier contract with her? Does she have the right to charge termination fees? Are the templates useful to you with another supplier?