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My car insurance is in dispute, because of my previous

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my car insurance is in dispute, because of my previous address, i called to change my address to my currant one. i was staying with my partner and his brother and i moved out. at the time i didn't inform my insurance.
they now have said my account is in dispute and could be voided. i was wondering if it's in my rights to still cancel the insurance if i feel there going to void my insurance. as my partner was driving my car and got a speeding ticket so the police is going to check if had insurance on the speeding offence happened.
Please need advise on what best to do.
Kind regards

Are you asking if this gives you a defence?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
hi joe,
My question is even though my insurance has gone into dispute, am I still in my rights to call and cancel it before they come to a decision?.i basically called to change my address, and they started to ask me security questions as companies do. I answered them to perfectly fine. the lady wouldn't answer my question about how much more i will be charge a month. she kept asking me questions, so i asked why i'm i being asked so many questions and she then said, your policy is indispute so i need to ask you these questiones. ( they have never called or email or wrote to about these concerns).she asked if i had any bills to prove i lived at the address, and where is my car registered to etc. i explained to her that i don't have any bills at that address as i wasn't the one paying the bills. and my car is regisitered at my partents address, cause that's where i was living and still visit very regularly. i told her i can change where my car is registered if that's the problem. she said no thats fine she will write it down. at the conculsion of the conversation she said she will give me till the 12th, to provided these details as a bill, car registration, v5 form proof of purchases, and copy of mine and my partners driving licence if not then they will void my insurance, and that will mean i had no insurance from the time i took the insurance out.and that alone causes another problem, as my partner got a speeding ticket last month whilst driving my car, we will need to provide insurance to the police to say we were indeed insured.Many thanks

Yes, you can cancel your insurance.

That would not stop them voiding it though potentially. They are likely to still investigate the matter.

But nobody can stop you cancelling your insurance.

Can I clarify anything for you?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Joe,Thank you very much to clearing that up for me. regarding the speeding ticket I'm going to send it off but if my insurance gets voided. do you think that the police would still take in consideration that i had insurance, but been voided after the speeding incident. or they will look at as i had no insurance.Thanks

They won't prosecute you for driving without insurance.

You were insured.

The company may well have dishonoured any claim made but that is different to being uninsured.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Joe,Thank you very much for this advise. you have been great and have put my nerves at ease!.Many thanks