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We have just been refused a visa fiancé from Indonesian on

Customer Question

We have just been refused a visa for my fiancé from Indonesian on the grounds we have not lived together for 2 years
Indonesia is a muslim country and very family and society strict
I worked in Indonesia from Oct 2013 when we met and started co habiting until Feb 2015, albeit owing to work considerations(different firms, different parts of Jakarta ) we di not move in together . I returned Aug 2015 for 5 weeks again co habiting and returned again mid Dec , leaving again late Feb 2016 to set up home in the UK
My fiancé had our baby aborted May 2014 , again owing to non marriage and the strict family society .This was not part of our application
In the guidance notes for the two application forms she filled in there was no mention of having to live together, surely if they are going to refuse people on this technicality , this should have been in the guidance notes
Would appreciate any assistance is appealing and what line to take
Yours sincerely
Tony Beaumont
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 1 year ago.


It appears that there is some confusion.

The living together for 2 years rule does not apply if your fiancée is coming to the UK to marry you within 6 months on the grounds that you are engaged to get married.

Further information on this category appears here

I would suggest that you engage an immigration lawyer to take your case up for you, they would need to look at all the paperwork unless you wish to appeal the refusal personally without professional involvement.

You may find an immigration lawyer near you through the law society find a solicitor facility or by using an online search engine.

Hope this helps