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Have a question am a Motor vehicle technician have been

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Hello and good afternoon have a question am a Motor vehicle technician have been dismissed from my job as the place I work for claim I hadn't done my job right they say I hadn't torqued the wheel bolts up on a customers car and they were found to be loose but I my self had road tested the car no issues the customer had the car back for two weeks had been from swadlincote near to derby to Northampton no problem that was the first week the end of the second week customer went to Suffork no issues until he was out for the day and due to come back to his hotel am told he called green flag to attend and am told the wheel bolts were loose I believe there is some thing not being told due to the time and miles from me doing the job and have since been sacked and have also been told they will not give me a refrence for new employer due to the nature of my being dismissed I cant prove I did fit the wheel correctly and torque it up as in the same they cant prove I didn't am from a truck back ground and know only to well what could happen if not done correctly the bolts are shamfered to centralise the wheel and I always make sure that I torque any wheel bolts up this isn't the first time the company have done this to an employee and I feel that I have been dismissed unfairly any advice would be greatly received many thanks John Webster

If they have no evidence that this was because you didn't tighten the bolts properly then they don't have reasonable grounds to dismiss you. I presume you have worked there for more than 2 years as otherwise you cant make a claim. Assuming you have, however, you should see your solicitor about submitting a claim. The employer has to do a full investigation and reach a "reasonable belief" that you acted in a way as to justify summary dismissal. I don't see how they can do that where the customer had the car out for some time and had covered a high mileage. Happy to discuss further. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you yes have worked there for nearly 8 years and removed and refitted many wheels no issues can they refuse to give me a reference due to the fact they have dismissed me in these claims to ? Thanks *****

There not necessarily a contractual right to a reference there is not usually a contractual right to a reference at all. I would concentrate on a claim for unfair dismissal and if there is an offer to settle that you can ask for a reference as part of the negotiation.

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