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Can I claim damages loss by breaking off our engagement? We

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Can I claim damages for my loss by breaking off our engagement?
We engaged a few years ago and my ex partner broke off our engagement.
I had lived far from ex’s place, so I had quit my job, discarded my household effects for moving and living ex’s place, and I had lived ex’s place for a while.
At present I live in my parents home as I lost my place to live and my household effects, and I haven’t get new job yet. (I was not working when I was in his place)
I don’t want his household effects or mine (I paid) as the moving cost will be expensive than buying new things, but I need place to live, household effects and a new job.
Also we already bought our marriage rings but I paid.
So, I want to claim damages to my ex for my loss;
Job (the pay which I should have got if I did not quit work: when I quit - when ex broke off engagement), the price of marriage rings, moving cost (when I moved to my parents’ and when I will move out from my parents’), the cost of new household effectsCan I claim damages?

I'm really sorry but you cannot.

These are just the downsides of a relationship breakdown. That does not create contractual liability.

The only thing that may be claimable is the ring as that is a gift consequent upon a condition of marriage although that may not succeed I'm afraid.

I'm very sorry but there is no contractual liability arising from finishing a relationship.

Can I clarify anything for you?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your answer and concern,
I will try to ask about the rings.
How about some furnitures I bought? Can I get back?
And can I get back my stuff I left?
(I left lots of my stuff because ex broke off it when I stayed at my parents’ and ex hasn’t allowed me to visit there)

Not if they were gifts.

You can recover anything you loaned.

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