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I run a small wedding business. A day includes getting

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I run a small wedding business. A day includes getting married and having your party and food for a set price. I have a couple who are demanding money from me for a list of truly bad complaints. For example: they came in 24 hours later to pick up remnants of their buffet from the day before. We had, of course thrown it away as is our policy. We keep food out for 3 hours only. Another complaint was a burned salmon for 1 customer. I asked what manager they told, they said they didn't tell anyone. The list goes on in the same poor vien. They demanded £1,500 in 7 days otherwise they will rubbish me on social media. I didn't pay now they are saying truly poor things that are affecting my business. Do I have any rights.
Carole peel

Hello, my name is***** am a qualified lawyer and it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today.

How long ago did the wedding take place?

Also, thank you for your live call request. I am in court today but please do provide the information requested. I will then prepare my advice during the day and get back to you at the earliest opportunity. There is no need to wait here as you will receive an email when I have responded. Thank you.

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Thank you. I will get back to you later today.

Hi there, there is nothing stopping them from complaining or trying to ask for compensation for what they believe happened. However, you are of course not in any way obliged to meet these requests, especially not to pay them £1500 for the complaint they have made. Whilst a token gesture of a small refund could be justified if some of the complaints are valid, it does look like they are being opportunistic.

If they really wanted to get money off you and you could not come to an arrangement, they can take this further, such as going to court. Based on what you have told me I do not see this being a sensible option because they are unlikely to get much. However, just be aware that there is nothing stopping them from doing so.

In terms of rubbishing you on social media, they need to be quite careful about that. If they make comments about you or your business which are untrue then that could amount to defamation or to malicious falsehood. You could then take action against them for your damage to reputation or for actual losses you have incurred as a result. Whilst legal action should not really be the route you go down, I suggest you issue them with a strong warning that defamation is what they will potentially be doing and that you will not hesitate to pursue it further if needed. In the meantime, you may wish to try and offer them a token amount as a goodwill gesture and without admitting any liability, just to try and get them off your back but it is entirely up to you.