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Just need to know where i stand if you can answer

Customer Question

hello,just need to know where i stand if you can answer and a friend called Gary which i have not known long have recently bought a boat in Spain together..I have a boat in Spain already and it is on the market for sale.This boat was for sale for 100,000 euro,s and we knew it had a few issues so we discussed it and Gary wanted me to put an offer in of 65,000 euro,s.I told him to leave it with me because i am pretty good at negotiating deals and having spent most of a week doing the deal ,i managed to get it for 55,000 euros.We have had the boat put in both our names but Gary insisted on paying the whole amount ,i was to pay my half when my boat was sold.When we got the boat he kept telling me not to sell mine and it seemed he wanted the whole boat to himself.We have had a bust up but i have the original bill of sale in both names signed by all parties in my possetion.He has tried to get me off the bill of sale by going back to the broker who did the original deal and getting him to do another one .He has refused and said it is a legal document and he would be breaking the law.Question do i still legally own half of the boat and can Gary sell the boat without my say so,also if he pays for work to be done on the engines and makes the boat worth 100,000 euro,s again ,am i still legally half owner and own 50,000 euro,s of the boat even though he has paid to have all the work done.I feel he has seen a chance to make money and that is why he paid for the whole boat and i think his ploy was to never accept my half when i sold my boat anyway .I await your respose or if you need any more information i will send it to you regards Martin ******
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  propertylawyer replied 1 year ago.

Hi Martin

Was this deal negotiated in Spain and subject to Spanish law?