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propertylawyer, Solicitor
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Jo I have been parking in front of my own offices twenty

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Hello Jo
I have been parking in front of my own offices for nearly twenty years,on a property leased/rented by my company which includes the right to park here.It has an access road,which continues to the back of a co-op store,who have recently has an agreement with private parking company who are now trying to "fine" us by assuming we are part of this staff parking agreement.
We have written and telephoned them explaining this ,but they choose not to listen. What do you think our position is please?
best regards

Hi Jeremy

So you have a formal right to park on the land in question?

Hi. Thanks for requesting me.

This is not really my area though so i will pass you onto a land lawyers.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
we do have authorised parking as part of our lease/rent,we are the rear office of 56b The Broadway,Thatcham for nearly twenty years.We have always parked here with no problems.
This area is accessed by a service road,that goes from The Broadway past our office,then past Co-op staff parking ( where the are recently parking signs - 4 m away from us) to a Waitrose Car Park.This road although private is now a public thorough fare, and has never been closed off.It is used regularly as a cut through by all and regards ***** ********* L**** Products Ltd 01635 865882


I know the location. I used to work in Newbury.

Who is authorising this company to 'police' the parking area and fine you?

Any notices displayed?

Notices prohibiting parking?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Notices by G24 Ltd ,but 4 to 5 m away from us, in a separate walled off parking bays for Co-Op.None in our area at all.I suppose the Co-Op must have authorised them.
We do place cars behind those in our bays,but the paved area is also part of our property.But we are in no way infringing into their area,perhaps a fraction into the access road area,and this is a public thoroughfare....

You will need to contact G24 Ltd and inform them of your right to legally Park where you do. You can send an extract from the lease and any plan showing the parking area. Maybe a letter from a firm of solicitors would help.

If the parking attendant comes on to your land, it is trespass. They have no right to enter upon the land and place tickets on the vehicles parked there.

propertylawyer, Solicitor
Category: Law
Satisfied Customers: 288
Experience: Property Solicitor with expertise in commercial and residential property transactions.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have already told them this ,they've ignored it and will not engage in any correspondence on this - only re-iterating their contractual parking notice ( which does not exist with us). I believe they are not interested in a solution, just a campaign of harassment and intimidation - to get the money whatever.....
If you can recommend a suitable solicitor to defend this I would be grateful.