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My husband is manic depressive. On Friday after office hours

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My husband is manic depressive. On Friday after office hours his condition deteriorated and out of fear I dialled 999 (Police). Upon their arrival the two officers said to me that our house is 'lavish' and so are the cars parked outside our driveway. They wanted to know what we did for a living. After replying to them, they said it's their job to ask such questions and they dropped the matter and moved on to my husband.
After realising that my husband needs medical help, they arranged to take my husband at the hospital. They then said, it's an open and shut case and I won't be hearing from them again.
When I mentioned this to my neighbour she said that she found it odd that the officers asked such questions. I just want to know if its normal for officers to ask questions as such. Thanks.

It depends what they are investigating.

That sounds like a concern about criminal activity.

Or it may have just genuinely been general interest.

But there is no reason they can't ask investigative questions at scene. It is a lot better then being arrested and being asked at the police station under caution.

To be wholly honest, it is best not to call the police to domestic squabbles. They can be heavy handed.

If he needs medical attention then it would normally be the ambulance service anyway.

Can I clarify anything for you?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks, ***** *****'s all they asked. When I mentioned that we were property developers. They didn't ask any further questions in relation to the house but kept reiterating that the house was spotlessly clean!!!I'll never call them for such issues again, they even kept on asking how abusive my husband was and whether he hit me....this was asked a number of times in a different manner.When I asked the officers 'what happens now' - they replied 'nothing' it's an open and shut case. Your husband needs help and we are taking him to the hospital and you won't hear from us again.

That is because you didn't make any allegations of violence. If you had you would never have heard the end of it.

We all have domestic rows and I think the truth is that most of us have done something unlawful in the course of those rows at some point. What we euphemistically call 'domestic abuse' would make criminals of us all.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Jo, thank you for being blunt and telling me how it is....I'll always remember never to call them for such matters. The officers said I won't hear from them and I'm glad it didn't escalate to unnecessary issues.One last question please: if there were concerns about 'criminal activity' would they have arrested me or interrogated me further?

No, not necessarily but I wouldn't worry. Lots of people have comfortable lifestyles without doing anything wrong. Their issue will only be that most of their call outs are to council estates

As long as you can account for your income it really doesn't matter.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That's what they kept on saying...that the houses they visit smells of dogs poo and cats be honest, I've never had an encounter with police and was very surprised with this question, when I told them what we did for a living they didn't ask any further questions but started asking if I'm a battered wife! Do you think they might contact me again or its a done matter?With my source of income, I'll put them through to our accountant.If you could please answer my question so that I can rate your service, many thanks.

Well, even if they do it really doesn't matter.

Unless you say that you are battered there is nothing they can do.

It isn't really the fault of the police. It is the fault of these women who run services like refuge who labour under the misapprehension that domestic abuse is a problem in the UK. In fact, it is mostly just childish people using the police as a mediation service.

I wouldn't worry about this. Nobody can make you say that you are being abused.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Jo, thanks for clarifying this question re: domestic abuse.Do you think they will contact me regarding my property and cars, even though they didn't ask anything after I told them what we do for a living. All they said in the end was it's an open and shut case, you won't hear from us again.My husband has been sectioned this morning and I would appreciate if you can answer this question so that I'm prepared.I honestly wish I never called the police!

No, it isn't likely.

But even if they do you just provide your accounts and it all disappears.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks Jo! That's what my cousin said, (he's a barrister at Southwark Crown Court). He said if there were concerns they would have interrogated me there and then, and if need be, taken me to to the station, (as you said, but I didn't believe him)

Oh yes, if they had enough to arrest they would have done. That doesn't mean they won't investigate although I can't imagine it. They don't resources for frolics of their own like that. They are genuinely having the majority of their time wasted on false allegations of sexual abuse.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thanks Jo. All I want to concentrate on is my husband who is a very unhappy bunny at Goodmayes.It's a lesson to be learnt and I'm glad i won't be hearing from these officers ever again!Thank you once again!