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My daughter is a single mum and has raised her son (Ewan)by

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My daughter is a single mum and has raised her son (Ewan)by her self and help only from her parents and close friends. The father has never bothered or made any payments towards the up keep of her son. He has seen him only at birth but still refused to put his name on the birth certificate. Her son is two now and the only correspondents from the father is abuse with threatening behaviour saying he will try to take Ewan away and have access. He has a daughter from another woman and he waited until the daughter was 4 until he went to court to have access he also put the other woman through mental torture.
How can this be stopped Ewan is in a stable home with a stable family around him and they are all he knows a daddy and two brothers a very happy family. How can we stop this evil person?

Are you asking if you can stop him getting access?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Then I'm afraid you cannot.

If he applies to the court he will be given access even if it is in a contact centre to start off with.
Children have a right to contact with their fathers and courts no longer tolerate obstruction.

In fact, it is genuinely the quickest way to lose custody of a child. The ultimate sanction is the transfer of custody although that would not happen until a very long period of obstruction.

Courts don't allow women to obstruct contact anymore.

If he applies he will be given access.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
don't they take the child in consideration he has not met this man my daughter has given him so many chances in the past to see him and he refused. He is not on the birth certificate. He does not pay a penny. When the CSA tried to get hold of him he just gave his job up and this has happened several times.

Yes, they do. The court's view will be that it is the child's right to see his father and any obstruction will be considered detrimental.

CSA has no relevance. That is a dispute between the parents in which the child should not be involved.

The fact he is not on the birth certificate will make no difference long term. He can get parental responsibility and, in fact, it would be held against her not him.

She would be much better off if she were offering something.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
you are telling me that a person can just walk into a childs life without ever seeing him and start to have access not us not knowing his back ground where and who he lives with.

Yes, that is right.

Access will not be denied to him because your daughter makes allegations.

Even if the child has never met him there could still be contact in a contact centre.

The fact that men haven't seen their children is not automatically presumed to be their fault any more.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thankyou for your advice I will give this information to my daughter

Sorry, I lost my connection.

No problem. All the best.