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I Have been caught shoplifting twice when I was about 16

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Hi, so i Have been caught shoplifting twice when I was about 16 years old. I am now 22 and want to apply for British citizenship, I have never committed any offence since then. The two items were only worth a few pounds. When I was caught there was no police, the shop managers only took my details and said they will pass them onto the police and I'm not allowed to enter the shop. I have not received any official letter or warning. Therefore I don't know if this is on my criminal record and whether I should disclose this in my application , since I don't even remember the exact details of the what happened. I would rather not disclose as it obvs shows bad character which Is important in this application,so if I don't have to id rather not. But I am not sure if my application goes through if I don't disclose this information.

1. Dear Ola, the first thing you should be clear upon is that you don't have a criminal record. In order that you would have a criminal record, there would need to have been involvement of the police and you would have been issued with a caution or some notification of an offence occurring. So there is no need to notify in respect of either of the occasions, should you not wish to. Additionally, be aware that the test of "good character" for citizenship does not preclude someone with a criminal record from obtaining citizenship. Even if you had committed a minor office - which you have not - this would not preclude you getting citizenship so long as a period of time has elapsed since the commission of the offence. Be aware that minor offences, such as shoplifting are generally ignored.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
even in the box where it asks of 'any activities that would suggest not a good character' I do not have to disclose these incidents?

3. No, you don't have to disclose these incidents as they do not involve the commission of a crime.

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