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To whom you our, My Question to you is in 2006 i never

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Hello to whom you our , My Question to you is in 2006 i never contested my late wifes will with regards ***** ***** share to the sum of £277,299 after the sale of my residence of the above mentioned address . We instructed my late wifes brother and he was made the trustee of their finances , giving them money and the use of a £45,500 Horsebox that was part of the ward . He was a self made Millionaire from being part off a Hoilday and coach service who was doing very well as he was one of the Directors of the company repotedly to be worth a staggering £330,000,000. at the end off 2006 so he was seemed to be in the best postion financily to hold a Trustee position without wanting any of the monies himself and this was the thought of everyone concerned , in sort he has issued me with false accounts of spending , how can i retieve all the invoices and reciets to prove theft as he has spent it on his parents and refuses to ''Honour'' his postion . i want all invoices and receits to prove this ,so as my daughter has what is truely hers.She has only recieved a very small amount and the only invoice that was shown to myself was on a photo copied heading paper of a solicators that had suposedly charged him with the setting up fees and the same for my Son.. I Obviously phoned his Solicators and made an enquirery about seeing the accounts that they hold to my son and daughters trust account and all the bank statments that hey had meant to have been intrusted with paying them both monies so they could still take part in all the activities and to make sure all their bills to be paid , this was so enabling my dauhter t keep riding allowing the £20,000 a year each plus use of the lorry untill a time if Danielle stopped riding then the horsebox to be sold and split between them both , and when reaching 18 years old then they would be given a cheque book and have part say on how to spend or save At 21 then given hold of their own accounts and releasing my brother in law of anymore duties towards them Well he had given me My Brother-law showed me this headed letter head of the solicators holding the accounts and all receits and invoices and all bank statments where kept with them as this is what he had set up ..Iwas knocked of my feet when he presented me with this letter head with fees of a staggering amount of well ....... it cost £97,000.00 to set up the trust up in the childrens names Yes i phoned them up and talked about the trust account and they said this is never been set up in anyway of form , so how do i take a multimillionaire to court without getting blocked and cast out as he can afford Barristers and all the solicators around here will nor touch him when his name is ***** ***** i want to show theft by deception and holding back monies with falsified accounts with the intention of stealling , missuse of trust funding and Disshonesty by not fullfilling a trustees pstion with being miss use of funds and other offences , i only need to get him to release all accounts and staements , and as a mulitimillion pound bussiness partner he will know that every penny needs a invoice or recept of purchase ,, please help me so i can give my children what is theirs as it was all part of my payment for the accident i had and at least i want to pass on something to my children , Iam now parralised from the neck down , this is why i have taken so long twith reading what to do and i now need outside people as at the moment he is now to big in the industry and i now have now money as i went penny for penny with solicators but barristers i stopped as he has an income and i do not
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question

My name is Clare

I shall do my best to help you but I need some further informtaion first.

How old are the children now and when does the Will say they should receive their funds?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My two children Alexander 24...Danielle 26 the will said that at 16 my daughter would receive £20, allow her to continue will her Riding career with just competed in the European pony championship Ireland and was asked to go on to trials with the British squad for the young riders as she was spotted for trials for the potential Olympic team , with the use of a lorry that I had brought for her use . Both my children had the same with at 18 she could have a car and part control over the bank account then on their 21st birthday handed over total control providing the trustee thought that they would be safe to do so in his opion . this stood for both children , and the horsebox was a 4 horsebox with full living and it was paid by myself with my money but my wife had her name on the insurance so it became hers only because her name on the policy , I was told to have a joint ownership so it would have passed to myself if anything happen but trusting the family would play fairly
what did it matter and so I tell you this because the lorry was not allowed to be used as
it was being a item of blackmail . I tell you as it is part of what is rightfully my daughters for her use until she decided not to have any use for it then sold with the money being split in two .. Danielle was unable to continue riding when the trustee Mr Flower stopped her from having anything until I I found out he was being feed information from the bank manager , so I approached the bank for a meeting to discuss the manger with talking to Mr Flower breaking the confidentiality rule so being Mr Flowers best of friends they allowed my daughter the sum of £90,000 as she wanted a deposit and some bills and rent on a farm as trying to bring on a horse that she need to train to forward its progress in the eventing world .. sorry I strayed with more information but the money stopped after this and the grand parents have disowned her and I know the grand parents have not two pennies in the bank as I worked for 18 years with my father in-law as I paid him £150 a week after my accidentas the wife wanted him close . and I know from a debt of a failed pub business ... and they had been spending money with new cars and alteration and this is why I want all invoices to take him to court as my daughter has been abandoned by her mothers side of the family as its my wife's brother whom is the trustee , please I have tried and failed my daughter soI ask you thank you
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.

Are you son and daughter willing to take action on the matter

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you Clare , Danielle and Alex are both willing to tale the uncle to court , as long as i do everything by law and he is being charged with self incrimnating acts due to steeling from them Both my children have giving me permission to act on their behalf knowing he has worked hrd getting what he has in life , He has had not a thing to do with anyone since moving out after he left school and came home very little as he and his job was and still is , his life with growing up without his father being around working six days aweek as he never ever seemed not to want to be there , 7 days at times if he took itt on as he joked about hiss wife how fast he earned it Jean ( grandmother who told me that to never ask her to babysit even though we live in the same house because she had brought hers uup and not to be asked ever)
Expert:  Clare replied 1 year ago.

Have they asked for an accounting from their Uncle of the conduct of the Trust?