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I am trying to register a company name that includes the

Customer Question

I am trying to register a company name that includes the word Royal - I sent a request for approval to use the word but it was rejected.
The gov website for using sensitive words such as royal state something about being able to get approved if your street is relevant to the word.
My question is, if I have a registered office address on a street such as Duke Street - would I then be granted permission to use Royal in my company name?
If not, what would be my best chance at getting approved to use the word?
My company is recording, licensing, and distributing royalty-free music and so the brand is heavy linked to this.
Any advice would be very much appreciated.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Michael Holly replied 1 year ago.

to be honest your chances are not good.

Using royal suggests royal patronage which you do not have and will amount to something called "passing off" where you are giving the impression you have royal patronage. You could be sued for doing so.