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I met sanath kumar in the UK during my frequent visits to

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I met sanath kumar in the UK during my frequent visits to the UK for business purposes.
He was also doing the same kind of wholesale business as i was and thus we became friends
and we met each other quite regularly. During one of the meetings he offered to give good
considerations if i invested about 25000 gbp or(###) ###-####rupees in his business. APX 1GBP=100 RS for a avg sake
His offer was quite lucerative and difficult to resist as he promised to pay 3000 GBP every month on
receiving the investment and that he would return the investment in December 2015 .
This understanding besides some other business options of supply were accorded on agreement which
was signed jointly by Mr Sanath Kumar and myself, copy enclosed.
Upon agreeing to do so i agreed to invest 20000 GBP or 20 lacs indian rupees and he agreed to pay me
15000 GBP as consideration against which he issued me 3 cheques of 5000 GBP amounting to 15000 GBP
for considerations upto december 2015. Copy enclosed
I was instructed by Mr Sanath Kumar to pay the investment amount of 20000 GBP to his agent in
INDIA Mr Hitender Kumar and his benk details were provided by him to me. I being in the UK asked
my company to transfer the amount as given.The bank details were KOTAK MAHINDRA Bank
A/cNo.(###) ###-####and IFSC code KKBK0002847
I on the 13th of April 2015 transferred from M/s Monk International account No 386751. In
Punjab and sind bank Rajouri garden branch a sum of 20 lacs by RTGS UTR No. PSIBH15103006162 to ***** kumars agent in INDIA Mr Hitender Kumar in Surat to his company Hardik Textiles,
addressed at 308 World Surat
After about a month i requested for the money and was requested by sanat to wait and put the cheque
after two months.After some time passed i kept requesting Mr sanat to pay atleast some small amounts
but did not receive anything.
One day he came to the place i was staying in the UK and handed me 9000 GBP but the next day he
requested back as he suddenly was in dire need of money and he promised to shortly clear it. I then
deposited in his account in Uk the same in Barclays bank Sokin Group.
I also received some goods from Mr sanath Kumar amounting to 1600 GBP which i received by selling
those goods to Mr Hasib of Memsaab of Luton UK
Days passed and requests went abegging. I then had to come to india on the 27th July as my
mother in law was on death bed who also passed on the 30th July. Since then i was unable to go back to
UK.Upon repeated requests still there was no answer from Mr Sanath.
I being inindia started requesting Mr Hitender Kumar to please pay back. He suggested that Mr Sanat is
coming to India soon and that we all will sit and resolve the issue and he spoke with me a couple of times
on the phone.
I received a call in october that you can come to Surat and discuss with all of us and sort the issue.So i
on the 20th oct went to surat and met the two of them and stayed at lords hotel surat along with
Mr sanath kumar ( 615) and mine was 602.We discussed and mr Hitender kumar upon agreement
with mr sanat kumar agreed to payback by 30th November 2015.
An amount of 23lacs plus interest of 24% was agreed to be paid from April 2015
Now again after reminders and requests i have still not received any money.

I have answered this question for you on the other thread. What else do you need to know about it?

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