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The boyfriend of my daughter ( both age 16 now, 15/7/16) the

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Hi, the boyfriend of my daughter ( both age 16 now, 15/7/16) the boyfrinds father booked a holiday including our daughter at the end of February , 2016 . The father then texted my daughter requesting her to find her passports ( she is dual national, Danish/ English) before her parent might hide the passports ....... Sadly she went behind our back and gave him her passports.........
So I need some advice as to as the father broken the law when the ticket was booked when she was 15 years old and now the boyfriends father is saying she can go anywhere she likes as she is now 16 when travelling and she is the legal owner of her passports and she can now do what she likes .......
I am appalled how easy it is for a boyfriend s family to book this without our consent ?
Please urgently help and many thanks for u time in reading this.....
A desperate and helpless mother ......

Thank you for your question

My name is Clare

I shall do my best to help you but I need some further information first

May I ask why you did not wish her to take this holiday?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
We ,her parents , were told they where going to Italy but as it was too expensive the boyfriends family decided on Turkey which after a long discussion with my husband , we both felt this may not be as safe for our daughter as she will stand out with her blond hair and blue eyes , we therefore informed the boyfriends family and they promised they would consider Italy if our daughter could still come with them ... I also politely offered to pay the extra money as Italy is more than turkey. However , some hours later, the boyfriends father rang back and said they had decided to go to turkey and they would have to go without our daughter and we all agreed this would be for the best ........... However, we have now found out that the father never cancelled the ticket for our daughter and I can't cancell it myself as it was booked in the boyfriends fathers name ........He now says he has paid for our daughter and now that she is 16 she can travel anywhere without her parents consent , which the police have also confirmed ........ I just feel deflated and as I thought we , her parent , should have a say in this everybody are saying it's not our decision but our daughter ,,,, yet I feel very, very deceived by the method that has been applied by the boyfriends father and he seem very calculated and well informed about what he can do with regards ***** ***** daughter .....��

Sadly there is nothing that you can do except stay calm and not let this family drive a wedge between you and your daughter

No law has been broken by the booking being made - and your daughter is free to go if she wishes

Having said that the latest events this evening may mean that the holiday will be cancelled

Please ask if you need further details

I am sorry that I could not give you that answer that you wanted and that you have given me a poor rating.

Please be aware that this is to necessary for and does not trigger a refund

If there is more information that you require please do ask

A negative rating does not trigger a refund (and is not necessary for one)

Please let me know if a refund is indeed what you require

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Did i ask for a refund ? NoHowever, how Can The law been so out of date ..... Surely they have not acted appropriate as when ticket was booked she was 15 years old ....... And the fact is I had agreed with the family they should and would cancel her ticket ....... Surely that in itself is an agreement........ Also , why should they hold by daughters 2 passports in their house ???? If they father was working in a school and behaving like this it would be recognised as grooming ???????I'm so not happy realising how little power I have in this situation !!!!!And also she is in Turkey now and I felt awful last Friday night as I was following the new !!!!!!!I'm made to feel I'm an awful mother who does not know what has been going on behind by back ................!!!!!! Yet right up to this incident we had a beautiful daughter working hard with school and her music and swimming !!!!!
I'm in a shock to understand why she would do any of this as she had been told from home she was not going !!!!! Yet the boyfriends father is evil doing this to our family so he might do it again to the boyfriends next girlfriend as I will try my best to not influence this weird situation!!!!
But I feel powderless against this absolutely strange behaviour from the father as he seem very, very calculated in his actions ....... Luckily for I have a very sensible daughter although it may not seem like it at the moment .......!!!!!!U gave an answer , very cold and didn't really ask more questions.....????I can't understand the law is on this fathers side when he went against us and did not cancel ! Also he booked her ticket in her Danish passport? Different law for other nationaltyies?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I sorry if u are not happy with my poor rating but I certainly not happy with how the law stands in this incident and my daughter ...... Yet if something happens whereby she damaged something !!!!! Who would paid for her damaged /----- her or parents insurance !!!!! Different law there , I think !!!!?????

I am sorry that you feel I was cold.

It is in fact very hard to give bad news - especially when you personally disagree with the law that you are having to confirm.

I agree wholeheartedly with you - this is not acceptable behaviour by the other family, they have acted in a deceitful way and encouraged your daughter to defy you .

The fact that it is with the law does not make it any less morally wrong

Indeed your reservations were well based - not a fact which can give you any comfort I know.

My major concern, form years of experience, is that you avoid allowing this reckless parent to ruin the close relationship that you have with your daughter. You are very clearly NOT an awful mother - you are one who is aware of world events and capable of assessing possible risk - and understands what is and is not correct behaviour when dealing with someone elses child.

However what he did NOT do was breach the law - there is nothing to stop someone booking a holiday for someone elses child without the agreement of that child's parent PROVIDED that the journey will not take place until after the child is 16 and can travel whether or not parents agree.

The actually nationality of the child/passport is irrelevant as the law is based on the country in which the child resides

The only reason I queried the refund is that without a positive rating I get no credit for my time and the site retains all your payment

Clare and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry, now I understand ..... U last text has clarify a few issues ...... And I like to thank u for u time