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I want to write my own will. Can I ask why they are still

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I want to write my own will. Can I ask why they are still written in Olde English and should you use any commas & punctuation etc?

A will does not have to be written in old English. It can be written in normal plain English.

It must contain the name of the Testator and sufficient information to identify the person such as address.

It must revoke all former wills.

It must appoint executors normally as trustees.

It was then detail the bequests and what happens to residue.

It would normally say that testamentary expenses and debts are paid first but they have first charge on the estate anyway.

It must be signed and dated and the signature witnessed by 2 witnesses who are not beneficiaries or spouses of beneficiaries. The witnesses can be executors.

If it complies with all the above, then it’s perfectly valid.

There is nothing wrong with the do it yourself wills that you get from stationers for under £10 provided the wording of the bequests is not ambiguous.

Wills do not need punctuation or any kind of formatting.

It must be in ink.

It is estimated that about 75% of home drawn wills are defective so I would urge you to get it done by someone who knows what they are doing or, at least get it checked.

We can offer that service for you, after you have done it, for an extra fee. It would save you a large chunk of money and lease then you would be sure as to whether the will was defective and did what it was designed to do or not.

For your interest, a will has been admitted to probate written on the shell of an egg.

An armed services person about to go into action will can be in pencil and need not be witnessed

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