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My daughter inlaw bought a car from a registered dealer last

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My daughter inlaw bought a car from a registered dealer last weekend 9/7/2016 for £900 when she got it home we noticed a problem with the automatic gearbox we automatically rang the dealer to be told no warranty so I questioned my statuary rights. Today I took the car to a Peugeot mechanic who informs me it needs a new gearbox the exhaust has a missing back box and the alternator belt is loose how do I stand?

How old is it?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

the consumer rights act came into force in October and that does at least purport to give you rights to reject a used car within 30 days of purchase.

However, you should be aware that that is not yet been verified by the courts and it certainly wasn't the interpretation the courts gave to the old sale of goods act.

Caselaw suggested that a used vehicle had to be pretty much falling apart before it could be rejected.

We don't know yet what interpretation the courts will place upon the new law so it's always better to try to settle things without recourse to law.

If the dealer is refusing to engage then you will have to take some steps.

I would normally suggest that a safer course of action is to get the car repaired and then sue for the cost of repair but I'm not sure here whether or not that would exceed the value of the car.

I don't know whether you've had a quote or not.

I would, however, be very concerned the court may not smile upon an attempt to reject a car that is some 13 years olds

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