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F E Smith
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18 days ago, a respondent asked this question and FE

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18 days ago, a respondent asked this question and FE Smith replied: Can you check a company Naruse Terada & Associates in Toyko, registered no NTAFSC-409832? I have the same question as I have also been approved about a possible share sale that involves the similar recertification process.
It seems too good to be true so are they legitimate? I have a copy of their business license.

That would have been me then.

Can I have the full background as to how this company got in touch with you please and how you were supposed to have allegedly acquired these assets?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Robert Wainwright (who claims to be from Naruse) rang me on or around 3rd June asking if I wanted to sell shares I hold in a company called TBX Resources. I bought these in 2002 as part of a boiler room scam, for which I have been re-imbursed. TBX have never been in touch with me.
I have completed a sale agreement and have given them bank details to receive the funds - it is a current account with a small amount in it.
I have to pay a "recertification fee" to a "transfer agent" because of the restricted nature of the funds. I am due to receive a call from the Naruse compliance department on Wednesday after which I will be informed which transfer agent is dealing with my case so I can transfer funds.
Wainwright has been persuasive so far and answered all my "ah but" questions. He has provided the names and telephone numbers of two people who have sold their shares and received payment. I have a copy of a bank statement setting out the settlement.
It all seems too good to be true.
I enclose the Naruse Business Licene, the Share Purchase Agreement and two other documents. I can give you the names and phone numbers of the two people to whom I spoke if that would help.

I emphasise that this could be legitimate. However you are right to be cautious, very cautious.

I have seen fraudulent bank statements and utility bills that were not detectable from the real ones. When I was talking with the policemen involved, and asking how we would possibly know that they were fraudulent, he said that if you read the barcode and the account number, they didn’t tally. I quite rightly made the point as to how were we expected to know that.

I have known solicitors letter heads change hands and the solicitors firms and the names on the letters were legitimate. However, the scammers had reprinted the letterheads and change the bank details to their own bank details. The bank account actually existed although by the time it came out, the money had gone and the account was empty.

The more money that is involved, the better the paperwork!

Where is Wainwright-based?

With regard to the other two people who have allegedly sold through this organisation, do you have addresses and landline telephone numbers or just mobile numbers? Where are they based?

They are obviously asking for a chunk of money to release this. I can’t understand why that money cannot be deducted from the proceeds. What has the answer been to that?

What you might want to do is contact an organisation like this

to get them to put you in touch with a lawyer who would be able to translate all the documentation and do the necessary enquiries from contacts in Japan.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have rung Wainwright once on a Japanese number (00 81 345 209 316). Whist he didn't answer, the receptionist recognized his name and he rang back.
I have two UK land lines for the contacts he gave me - Matthew Goddard 020 331 83164, Eric Muir 01383 226040. I have spoken to both gents who assure me that this is real. However, both lines have "strange" ring tones - they could all be in cahoots!
The reason that they cannot pay the recertification fee is (according to Wainwright) that the transfer agents have to deal with the owner of the shares direct, otherwise anyone could pay for recertification whilst the owner is unaware.

I don’t accept what he says about the recertification fee having to be paid because otherwise anyone could pay the fee whilst the owner is unaware.

If I was a scammer I knew I was going to get hundred thousand pounds I wouldn’t mind spending a couple thousand pounds fee. I don’t think that persuasive argument.

01383 is Fife in Scotland

020 is London

might be worthwhile getting a land address and popping in the car in view of the amount of money involved. It might also be worthwhile using a private investigator.

Check the bank statement of Goddard alongside a genuine statement.

I can’t quite understand the maths on the statement because the previous balance was 18,000 then, there is the sale of 111,000 but then a balance of 108,000

I rang the Goddard number and he did say that he was Matthew Goddard without me mentioning that name but clearly, the number is ***** to somewhere else and if he did sound as though he was talking in a tin box or an empty office.

The other number just rang out.

I would speak to a Japanese lawyer. You will find one but many of the central London firms.

Can i clarify anything else?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Please see the enclosed document from the Foreign Securities Commission based in Japan.
I think this is a fake site - the FCA had not heard of them. Also, it has a very similar look and feel to the Naruse web site.
Any views? is registered in Panama.

Now, why would a company purporting to be the Foreign Securities Commission (a very “official” sounding title) allegedly dealing in Japan, have the registrant in Panama? Most odd. does indeed look remarkably similar and has probably been done using the same template.

Surprise surprise, also registered in Panama! Why would an investment banking service, also training in Japan, have a domain registered in Panama?

I’m starting to draw my own conclusions as I am sure you are.

Please don’t forget to rate the service positive. It’s an important part of the process by which experts get paid.

If you don’t rate me, I don’t get paid. It doesn’t cost you anything but helps me greatly.

We can still exchange emails if you wish.

Best wishes. FES.

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