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Can this constitute libel. As a student I wrote a

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Can this constitute libel. As a student I wrote a professionally worded letter of complaint to my course head regarding concerns about untimely notification of scheduling changes and unprofessional language and conduct on the part of University staff, asking to work with the course heads to resolve these matters.
I recieved an email response suggesting that I could be brought in to a meeting for breaching the student code of conduct despite the professional nature of my communciation. I then recieved another email suggesting more breaches I had allegedly committed. The course head then stated 'Your behaviour in school, certainly towards the end of your placement has brought the university into disrepute.' This email with that statement was then forwarded to multiple faculty within the education department in the university where I am a student. It is also inaccurate as the same course head later in an email admits that he had misread the information and apologizes for the statment. However I feel that his position and the fact that he forwarded such defamatory statements to colelagues constitutes libel.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

So they have said you have brought university into disrepute - is that the extent of it?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am happy to discus this via telephone (01772640270) or to send you the relevent emails.After sending my email (as was my student right to begin the formal complaint process) I recieved an email notifying me I could be brought in for an adjudacation meeting. After I turned to the student union because I felt this was an inappropirate and threatening response the course head notified me that I was to attend an adjudacation meeting. He then added additional alleged contraventions to the student code of conduct (none of which are founded, as he later admitted in email).
However after informing me I would be brought in to an adjucation meeting to discuss he then stated that, 'Your behaviour in school, certainly towards the end of your placement has brought the university into disrepute'. He forwarded this to important staff within the university where I am a repected student. I responded to him that I felt his adamant expression that I had brought the university into disrepute, which he had not personally seen me do, which I attest to not have done, and which later (in email) were proven to be false) was potentially libelous. I stated that I felt it is important with any situation to ensure that you have adequate facts around a matter before making accusations that impact a person's professional reputation.His later emails to me further confirm that his assumptions to make the statement were false and nonexistant. But now he is suggesting that by my stating his statements were libellous I have used emotive language and disrespected him whichcould be cause for another breach of the student code. If the statments can in fact be considered libelous than I feel i can defend my position.

OK - let me consider this and then call you. Alex