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If your child of 16 uses your credit card without your

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If your child of 16 uses your credit card without your permission can you prosecute them for fraud?

Are you willing to make a report about your child?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Not at this stage. We want to confront them with the knowledge and indisputable evidence we have that we know they have done this.
They have spent many hundreds of pounds on cosmetic items. All without our permission or knowledge.
We would like to be able to tell them that if they continue to use our credit cards without our permission that we can report this to the authorities as fraud and that they can be taken to court and prosecuted and possibly be put into detention.
We would like to have the knowledge that this is possible to deter them from these actions or any future actions of fraud.
We need them to know how serious this is.
It is a horrible situation to be in that you cannot trust your own child in this way.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Our child suffers with Mental Health Issues and was diagnosed with Anxiety a year ago.
We have to handle this in a delicate way. We are her carers for her Mental Health issues.
I think that she has some kind of obsessive disorder when her Anxiety is high, which is what has led her to do this.
However she needs to know how serious this is in the eyes of the law, so that it will deter her from doing this to us or anyone else in the future.

It is an offence.

If you reported it then the police would have no option but to investigate although there is no chance of a prosecution. They would be offered a youth warning or reprimand.

That said, it is a matter you could report and the police would have to investigate.

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