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I have received a notice of intended prosecution relating to

Customer Question

i have received a notice of intended prosecution relating to an allegation that i was doing 29mph in 20mph speed limit on Tower Bridge in London at 6.12 am 30/6/16. The speed limit decreases as you cross over the northern junction box and two lanes merge into one. Upon review there is a 20mph sign on the left hand pavement and a 20mph sign on the road surface however the road sign is obstructed if you have a high sided vehicle in the left hand lane whilst you are in the right hand lane ( i have photos of this) plus your vision is focussed on merging in turn with traffic rather than looking at road surface sign which is a dirty white colour. On the letter it states that the allegation is supported by technical and photographic evidence. However on the third page of the letter there is an outline box with the cation underneath: the picture printed on this paper is a representation of the photographic evidence of this offence yet there is no printed picture. I wrote to the City of London Police requesting site of photograph which they have now supplied and their letter is dated 19/7/16. The evidence is based on entry and exit cameras at a set distance apart and the time taken to travel between them. As the first letter did not contain the image claimed has this NIP been incorrectly served? Also as the photographic evidence was not received until after the two week window which I am led to believe is the time required to serve the NIP what is my position in terms of contesting the NIP? Thank you. Paul Clover.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 1 year ago.

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