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My mother had an accident in a private hospital due to what

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My mother had an accident in a private hospital due to what we believe was negligence in the part of the hospital - how can I know if it us worth pursuing

Can we have the background in detail please? What is the mechanism of the accident and what injury did she sustain?

Why do you think it’s the hospital’s fault?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
She went in for a simple operation and after the general anaesthetic due to her diabetes and reaction to it, she was taken to the ICU for one night. She was then returned to the normal ward but was given a lot of medication for pain etc.. They had assessed her as high risk , but unfortunately the day she was due to get discharged , she got out of the hospital bed on her own ( she was extremely drowsy and disorientated & hence did not realise she was in hospital and therefore did not ring the nurse bell because of the drugs - she slipped and fractured her pubic rami, left hemipelvis, making her immobile. Our negligence case is based on the fact that the railings on the side of her bed were not up as it should have been and / or given her high risk assessment she should not have been left on her own at all - If the railings had been up, she would not physically be able to get out of her bed in that state .

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