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Irish/eu laws 1. is it possible to convert an English court

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irish/eu laws1. is it possible to convert an English court order into an Irish one. It is for debts over 30,000. The debtor does not have property in Irealnd, but regular slary 250,000.
2. Are we right to think there is no attachment of earnings for Ireland
3. What ways are there to recover debts in ireland when there is no property

1. It is possible to get your English judgment recognised in Ireland and enforced in Ireland. An English judgment is then as good as an Irish one. There is an EU wide system for the recognistion and enforcement of judgments of which both Ireland and England are part of.

2. Nominally, there is no attachment of earnings in Ireland except in Family law proceedings. However, the way you do it in Ireland is you get an Instalment order made whereby the judgment debtor pays you a certain proportion of his salary monthly or weekly as he earns it. So here if he has a salary of 250k you simply get so much paid per month in an instalment order.

3. You can send in the sherriff and sell the goods of the judgment debtor, you can garnishee any bank account he may have, you can get an equitable receiver appointed to any business or trust which generates income for this person. There are several ways other than selling a property to get a judgment enforced in Ireland.

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thanks you. I have a realted question, should we ask it here or make a new one? I will rate anyway

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