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1. what is a Discovery in Aid of execution? 2. How does we

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1. what is a Discovery in Aid of execution?
2. How does we asking the court in Ireland for this
3. When we make the eeo to the Irish court, will the court send all forms for this Discovery in Aid? Should we ask the judge to make these requests or does the judge call us to court,a nd then tell us that he makes the order for the instalments for the example

1. Discovery in aid of Execution is where the court makes an order on the application of the Judgment Creditor that the Defendant swear an Affidavit which sets out all his assets, so that the judgment creditor can enforce his judgment against these assets. 2. You go before the Irish court as part of the recognition and enforcement process and ask the court for an order for Discovery in Aid of Execution. It is yours for the asking if you do it properly.

3. There is no such thing as a form for Discovery in Aid of Execution. Your solicitor or your barrister would normally draft such an application and have it heard by the Master's court in Dublin, Ireland when you have got the English judgment recognised. You need to ask for this relief. It is not just handed out willy-nilly.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thanks you
before this will the court make many months for to asking the debtor to appear and to fill in forms, the do not do this

4. There is no such thing as the debtor having to appear and fill in forms. The recognition of the judgment is an automatic process. The judgment debtor can decide to turn up when you approach his bank or seek to make an instalment order against him. However, if you believe he will not turn up, it will be a very short process.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thanks you
sorry if we are asking also the questions on top of the other, but we have a lot to do for the different countries and we do not know well how to do these