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How can I find someone to help me prove a fraud against me

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How can I find someone to help me prove a fraud against me using the legal system that was facilitated by the met police and my solicitor? This led to a conviction and an order against me, based on a statement that I can now prove to be virtually completely false. furthermore this appears to have led to a number of police records that are also false, that i discovered in a request from the IRU.

Can you explain your situation a little more?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
of course, but very difficult in just a few paragraphs. A woman I was lodging with created a fraud to cover up theft of my property, simply with a knowledge of family law, first in a 999 call claiming to have been assaulted and later presenting the police with knives so that i was charged withn aggravated burglary. Unknown to me the police deemed the aggravated burglary an inappropriate charge and so too it seems was burglary. It was a process, and a week later i was arrested for breach of bail, and put into court. It is here it is a little complicated, but i found in a custody report that There was no charge.
I have found that the interview at the time of the arrest may have been illegal. My solicitor "disappeared" with my statement and I was appointed what turned out to be a duty solicitor, who advised me to say no comment to questions I already answered in a statement. I'm pretty sure this was to avoid an investigation into the woman who appears to have had a friend in the police force. i have found a record of this also. at court, two days before my hearing/trial for "criminal damage "my solicitor told me that it had been brought forward so that both matters could be dealt with. I have found he presented a false statement to the court while "mediating" on my behalf. and then advised me to plead guilty, which I did not want to do, as it would be worse for me if I didnt. The woman had claimed I was her ex-partner, which I can prove with a police witness statement was completely false. This was simply so that she could then acquire a non -mol order which was granted ex-parte.
Information was witheld from me, one to prevent me from any defence, (the police mus have known it was false), and two prevent me from contesting the order. There is much in evidence to question everything, and a solicitor has told me I have a case against all three parties. Of course the problem is how to I obtain the help I need. If i can prove this, the ideology of our "justice" system collapses. Who can help me?

So, in short, she made a false allegation?

What was 'illegal' about the interview?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
If it helps, the woman was conducting a number of frauds using my phone that i had lent her. The police had it in their possession 2 times.Was accessing my facebook and making posts that would lead to my arrest (8 times) for indirect contact. Apple can confirm this. it was an orchestrated fraud using the legal system, and the police covered it up and made a number of records of violence against her.

So what was illegal about the interview?

I can do a call at about 4pm when I'm clear if that would help?

or you can send me a message when you are ready later on?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry, was waiting for the call, and screen had gone into standby. Yes please!!
Thank you

I will be a bit later now. I didn't get out when I was supposed to.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Actually, you can call me whenever is convenient for you. I'll just be pleased to actually talk to someone!!
Thank you!!

I'm home now. Are you ready? I'll be here for the evening now so whenever you like.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi again! Ready whenever you are!
Thank you!

Will try now