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Our neighbours fell out with us because we built a house

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Our neighbours fell out with us because we built a house next door to them which is slightly higher than theirs even though they had seen the plans prior to this, we have undergone years of "mind games" from them but have not retaliated as this is what they want. I could be here all night telling you what they gave done but one thing that has cropped up yesterday is that they have placed a piece of concrete which is on our side of boundary which you can see under our fence. Not sure if this is a temporary measure however if not who do we go to for advice on getting this removed. All communications have broken down. We don't want to see them let alone have to speak to them.

1. You can remove anything which is on your side of the boundary and place it on your neighbour's side of the fence. Whilst the piece of concrete is your neighbour's property and should be returned to them, you have the right to remove anything on your side of the midpoint line of the boundary. The law gives a self-help remedy here. So, if you want, you can simply push the piece of concrete until it is no longer on your side of the boundary. There is no need to consult with your neighbours on this point. YOu simply remove it and place it back on their side of the midpoint line of the boundary.

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